As the innovative leader in the specialty beverage category, Dr. Smoothie Brands broke new ground in 1997 with the introduction of the shelf stable fruit smoothie concentrate with no artificial ingredients.

In 2001, maintaining the company mantra that “everything we do has a healthy twist” Cafe Essentials introduced a frappe line with 15% to 25% less sugar and up to 50% less fat than the competition.

In 2003, we introduced 100% Crushed, a 100% fruit smoothie meeting the “Five a Day” daily fruit recommendation per 20 oz.

Innovation continued in 2009 when the entire Cafe Essentials frappe and hot beverage program featured NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners & NO artificial colors, while continuing with less fat and sugar.

As the public searches for “cleaner labels” and more pure products, Dr. Smoothie Brands responds in 2012 with CRUSHED ready-to-drink. Featuring natural fruit nutrition instead of synthetic vitamins. This clean label, authentic platform brings exciting tastes, textures, and aromas from around the world.

Excess calorie content is on everyone’s mind, so Dr. Smoothie Brands developed FIT-LYTE, a 35% to 55% reduced calorie smoothie with stevia, white tea, and coconut water.

Talk about healthy, in 2013 we introduced the industry's first veggie smoothies. In 2014, we reveal trendsetting line of organic smoothies and frappes.

Get functional
Dr. Smoothie formulates its beverages with your health in mind to maximize the benefits to your body. Functional beverages are what Dr. Smoothie is all about. Our functional smoothies have been helping consumers achieve their health objectives since 1997. But, here is the big difference; not only do our smoothies have strong health benefits, but they are hands down the best tasting smoothies in the world.

artisan crafted for your good health

each blend is hand-crafted to achieve unique balanced & exceptional profile

cafe essential

delicious artisan crafted cafe essentials



Enjoy our 5 Artisan Crafted Organic Cafe Essentials blends where we bring together the best products from around the world. USDA Organic Certified.



Cafe Essentials Chai is flavorful, rich and has a creamy mouthfeel that sets this beverage apart from any other.



The hallmark of Cafe Essentials cocoas are their reduced sugar levels & the tremendous amounts of cocoa we use. All cocoas deliver a full taste experience.



Cafe Essentials mochas have a nice, strong “from nature” taste profile. Our products exhibit a full rich milk based taste profile made with water. When made with milk, they are ultra-decadent and even more ice creamy.

Vanilla & Bases

Vanilla & Bases

Deliver the consistent taste your barista's recipes deserve with Cafe Essentials Vanillas and Bases products. Makes excellent stand alone vanilla shakes.



Reaching across the world to bring exotic taste pleasures, Cafe Essentials Specialty beverage line-up delivers bold taste that is uncomparable.

Smoothie recipes

Here are some quick and easy fruit smoothie recipes from Dr. Smoothie. These smoothie recipes are fat free, rich in anti-oxidants, lactose free, contain no high fructose corn syrup (when made with our 100% Crushed™ Fruit Smoothie concentrate), and provide 5 full servings of fresh fruit per 20 oz. smoothie! 

These fruit smoothie recipes are great for breakfast, as an after workout cool down, or simply a healthy treat. You can also add protein powder to any smoothie recipe below for a delicious meal replacement smoothie.

Many of our recipes are great for beginners and very easy to use, it’s as easy as 123. Add our whole fruit concentrate, water, ice and blend; it’s that simple. Additionally, we’ve included some specialty recipes that require a few more ingredients but make the perfect blended beverage.

Our concentrates are also excellent for using in other recipes too. You’ll be amazed how versatile our concentrate really is. Get started and let your creative mind go and discover all of the delicious ways Dr. Smoothie whole fruit concentrates will add dimension to all of your blended beverages and food.

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Dr. Smoothie Brands is more than a product manufacturer; we offer solutions to promoting good health through better nutrition. Dr. Smoothie Brands is a one stop shop, we manufacturer a wide variety of products to suit every need. 

We are the leader in specialty beverages, whole foods, supplements, nutrition bars, amino sports beverages and collagen based products.

By joining the Dr. Smoothie Brands team, we offer valuable tools and marketing ideas that will help you build, promote and grow a successful business.

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